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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Invoking our luck

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It is said that " Man is an architect of his own destiny ". Deep thinking is required to understand this term.Over the years, we have created many superstitions and rituals around luck, like black cat crossing our path ,wearing a lucky charm on our Wrist a lot of our time in these beliefs,hoping that they will change our luck. Do these beliefs or superstitions have any connection with our luck or destiny ? NO !!!!!!

If you think you are stuck in life,then accept it and find a way out. The most practical way is just by changing our attitude and outlook towards whatever it is that we are stuck into. Find the opportunity within the scenario that you are in. However bleak it may seem, there will be at least an opportunity to learn something new, to grow and enrich your life.

We can make our life full and Worthwhile by seeing the opportunities, rather then obstacles. A lucky person is one who see the opportunites , for this we need to pratices being in the present and engaging with the present.

Check What it is that is blocking you from grabbing opportunities. We create our own limits (Blockages) and become stuck in our comfort zones. Embrace life as it is this makes us more open to life and its opportunities.Never judge or compare your luck with others, rather see and appreciate the opportunities and fortune that you have.We can only be loving and respectful to others when we are so to ourselves.

We use so little of our potential !!!! Each of us has our own uniqueness ( Specialities ). When we understand our potential we can see what we can become. Within each of us there is a hidden treasure, it is just about getting through the debris to the beauty within us and INVOKING OUR LUCK.


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