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Monday, August 25, 2008

Idea of Happiness

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Happiness is the taste of the hot and sweet jalebis that you eat in the shade of the nukkad's sweets shop, watching the rain splashing outside.
Happiness is the smile on the face of the little beggar boy when you give away the last penny of your pocket money that you had saved to buy your favorite ice cream, to him.
Happiness is the beauty of the moonlight when you sit in the calmness of the rooftop, listening to your favorite music.
Happiness is what you see in the laughing eyes of a toddler, completely ignorant of the harshness of life ahead.
Happiness is what u feel when you put your head in your Mom's laps and she strokes your hair so fondly.
When it comes to happiness, I can never forget that day when I got late to my class and got scoldings that even today send a shiver up my spine. It was a rainy day and i had stopped on my way to help an old vegetable seller to stand her stall. Even after the scoldings, when i saw my face in the rain-laden window glass of my class, I was smiling!


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